Virginia's Past Inspires a Future of Boundless Possibilities

Exploring Virginia's Scenic Peaks and the Trailblazers Who Made History There

The Old Dominion state of Virginia is steeped in history yet filled with endless opportunities for new adventures. From America's earliest colonial settlements to the thriving cities of today, Virginia invites travelers to experience its rich past and vibrant present. Whether you enjoy colonial landmarks, scenic natural beauty, or modern metropolitan attractions, the diverse landscapes and cultures of Virginia have something for everyone.


Exploring Virginia's Heritage

Virginia's historic sites provide an entrance into America's colonial beginnings. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the New World, established in 1607. Walk along the trails of the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Park to see where the earliest colonists lived, worked, and worshipped over 400 years ago. Nearby Colonial Williamsburg brings 18th century Virginia back to life through its iconic brick buildings, craft demonstrations, and costumed interpreters. Take a step back in time and imagine what life was like during America's revolutionary period.

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's grand estate near Charlottesville, offers insight into the mind and curiosities of one of America's founding fathers. Admire Jefferson's Neoclassical architecture and wander the scenic gardens and orchards he cultivated. Across Virginia's countryside, well-preserved historic mansions like Mount Vernon—home of George Washington—and Sherwood Forest—plantation of John Tyler—pay homage to Virginia's founding families and Southern gentility. Virginia's picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains are also home to national historic sites commemorating Civil War battles like Manassas and Cedar Creek.


Natural Wonders of Virginia

While rich in history, Virginia also boasts gorgeous natural scenery. Along the coast, sandy beaches and coastal marshes make for scenic seaside getaways. The Virginia Barrier Islands, only accessible by boat, feel remote yet unspoiled. Along the Eastern Shore, Assateague Island straddles the state line and is famous for its wild ponies. Inland, the pristine Shenandoah Valley offers rolling green hills and pastoral farmland scenery between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountain chains.

Shenandoah National Park, stretching along the Blue Ridge Mountains, is Virginia's crown jewel of natural beauty. Over 100 miles of scenic Skyline Drive wind through the park, revealing panoramic mountain vistas around every turn. Stop at numerous overlooks to admire the sweeping multicolored forested valleys below. Hike among towering rocks, waterfalls, and rare flora and fauna. For an adventurous challenge, the Appalachian Trail also passes through the park, treating hikers to 2,200 miles of mountain scenery.

Downstream along the Shenandoah River, the scenic Luray Caverns showcase breathtaking natural stone formations within its cool underground chambers. Further west, natural limestone arches and boulders dot the geologically unique Natural Bridge region. And along the state's southwestern border, picturesque Smith Mountain Lake offers water recreation against its wooded shorelines. Whether indoors or out, Virginia's natural environments never fail to amaze.


Urban Escapes of Virginia

Virginia's cities provide modern cultural attractions alongside their historic roots. As the state capital, Richmond pays homage to both the Confederacy with its prestigious Confederate monuments as well as America's progressive social justice movements at sites like the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial. Stroll through lush Byrd Park and discover Richmond's eccentric cafes, breweries, and art scene emerging along its cobblestone streets.

Just an hour away, Virginia Beach sprawls along the Atlantic coastline as a lively seaside escape with its vibrant boardwalk. Nearby Norfolk is a charming waterfront destination with a burgeoning local arts, music, and food scene. And nearby Williamsburg is revitalizing itself as a prime bike-friendly community amidst its historic area.

Further north, bustling Northern Virginia forms the Potomac River gateway to Washington, DC. In addition to federal monuments, Alexandria invites wanderers to stroll along its colonial-era waterfront promenade. Fairfax County's Tysons Corner has blossomed into a cosmopolitan center of commerce, attracting innovative tech companies to Virginia's expanding business sector.

But the true star of Virginia's metro scene lies west in Charlottesville. As a quintessential college town, charming Charlottesville overflows with local eateries, breweries, performing arts venues—and of course, University of Virginia's iconic architectural campus. It's the perfect weekend escape for those seeking culture, education, and Southern charm all in one.

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